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Housing Associations

Gwizdala & Associates, P.C. has been providing audit and tax services for over thirty years for Condominium Associations, Cooperative Housing Non-profit Corporations and related limited housing associations, Michigan State Housing Development Authority and US Department of Housing and Urban Development. We have extensive experience in working with Boards of Directors and Property Management companies to ensure a smooth audit and tax preparation experience.

Tax laws and code are continually changing. The Michigan Legislature passed an amendment to Section 57 of the Michigan Condominium Act (MCL 559.157) which is intended to clarify the annual audit responsibilities for condominium associations. Michigan Public Act No. 134 was effective January 14, 2014. Our firm specializes in assisting Property Management companies and housing associations meet those requirements.

Potential buyers of condominiums should be aware of the financial condition of the Association, and they often request data prior to purchase of a condominium. In today’s difficult market, the Association should have the data available.

Upon request, we are happy to provide a copy of our most recent Peer Review letter, which is a requirement for professionals performing audits or reviews for condominium associations.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with your Board of Directors or Management Company to provide a proposal to meet your needs. We provide all levels of service: certified audits of financial statements, reviews of financial statements, income tax preparation, property tax appeals, and general consultation.